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The Southwest Florida Regional Technology Hub in Fort Myers will provide collaborative space for area nonprofits with a focus on…
21 December 2016

Fresh Ministries

FreshMinistries will build an urban aquaponics farm that will provide jobs, job training, and bring a new focus on healthy…
In our 2016 Annual Report we share how FCLF, working alongside our investors and borrowing partners, is producing real solutions…
Addressing the healthcare needs of low-income Floridians is the number one priority of Central Florida Health Care. Watch the video
The Transition House provides housing and support services to 1800+ in Florida, including U.S. Veterans like Randall. Watch the video
With financing from FCLF, Wendover Housing Partners provides affordable rental homes for Florida’s seniors, like Haley Park resident Marta. Watch…
Thank you to our friends at FCLF. All staff was very patient and helpful as we gathered all the details. We'll make you proud!
- Bill Lazar, Executive Director, St. Johns Housing Partnership