You want your investment to be safe and sound. You want to bring about social change. Your organization has a focus to help underserved individuals through donations.

We can help.

Supporting the Florida Community Loan Fund, through an investment or a donation, allows you to partner with our borrowers to deliver capital to the most needed areas of Florida. We provide tangible results - schools, affordable homes, housing providing social services to those with special needs, child care and health care facilities, and more.

We remain committed to working with our borrowers to help their community development projects succeed, while at the same time preserving the safety of investments. We have undergone the Aeris® rating system, which provides assurance of our financial stability and the effectiveness of our impact.

For 20 Years we have provided Expertise and Capital to help projects succeed.

  • Axiom Bank

    Axiom Bank

    Axiom Bank has joined as a partner with FCLF in community development in Florida's low-income communities by providing a grant for operating support. Read More
  • BankUnited


    BankUnited strives to be a better bank by providing a positive foundation for local communities. Read More
  • Dignity Health

    Dignity Health

    Dignity Health joined Florida Community Loan Fund in 2015 as an investor. Dignity Health believes in going beyond hospital walls to help improve long-term health of communities. Read More
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A strong social conscience, a commitment to excellence, statewide partnerships and collaborations, accountability to its stakeholders have allowed FCLF to thrive for over 15 years...

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We will gladly share with you our financial information, growth charts, and other resources to answer your questions about supporting FCLF.

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The Aeris rating and certification system evaluates our financial and social impact. Our full review in 2016 resulted in a rating of 3 Star AA Policy Plus, providing confidence for our investors and supporters.

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The following organizations and individuals provide, or have provided, capital to the Florida Community Loan Fund through one of our investment types or an operating support grant.

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FCLF understands what we are doing and is a part of what we are doing: trying to help families have the American dream of owning a home.
- Isaac Simhon, Executive Director, Housing Programs, Inc.

  AERIS Rated 3 stars AA policy plus