The New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) Program was created by the Federal Government in 2000 to encourage investment and jobs creation in very low-income communities.

Florida Community Loan Fund, FCLF, has participated in the NMTC Program since 2003, and has been awarded six NMTC allocations from the U.S. Treasury's CDFI Fund and two awards from the State of Florida's New Markets Development Program; for a total of over $217 million in allocation awards. 

At FCLF, our NMTC program focuses on projects that align with our mission of helping underserved citizens throughout the state of Florida. Financing is generally for construction or major renovation of large real estate projects. FCLF's NMTC focus is on:KIPP School Grand Opening

  • Nonprofit community facilities, such as charter schools and healthcare centers
  • Green-driven projects, such as renewable or solar energy, including LEED-certified projects
  • Economic Development projects that catalyze neighborhoods and create high social impact
  • Job Creation, substantially from within the community
  • Part of a community redevelopment master plan
  • Bringing new services to a low income community, such as a grocery store in a neighborhood that hasn't seen one in 20 years; or a new or renovated building that brings new business, services and jobs to a neighborhood


Does NMTC fit your project? Some of the characteristics of NMTC financing are:

  • Longer amortization or interest-only loans
  • Below market effective rates for 7-year term loans
  • Higher effective LTVs than conventional loans
  • Option of equity conversion

The guidelines for qualifying for financing through the NMTC Program are very specific. More information can be found on our Downloads & Resources page, or on the CDFI Website.

Meet our Borrowers through the NMTC Program and see the impact we have had in qualified distressed census tracts. 

If you have more questions or to find out if your project meets the NMTC Program guidelines, Contact Us.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.


I recommend the Loan Fund for attracting investment to the Florida Preservation Fund... I believe that says something about investor comfort with the Loan Fund.

- Nancy Muller, Policy Director, Florida Housing Finance Corporation