success stories 2016 pic Central Florida Health Care

Building Blocks for Low-Income Healthcare: Central Florida Health Care. Through 12 locations, Central Florida Health Care serves 30,000+ patients a year, 98% of whom are low-income. With financing through FCLF and the New Markets Tax Credit program, CFHC was able to rapidly expand and will serve an additional 5,000 each year, by purchasing 2 new and renovating 2 existing locations. CFHC is the only healthcare provider for low-income residents in one of its locations; in another, the only Medicaid eligible provider. Founded to primarily serve Florida’s migrant workers, today CFHC is providng an important building block for any community: healthcare for all residents.

“FCLF and financing through the NMTC program allowed us to build equity, guide our destiny, and most importantly, be there for our patients.” – Ann Claussen, CEO, Central Florida Health Care