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$170,000 FCLF loan
Revolving line of credit
8 single family affordable homes for ownership

"FCLF shares my goal of providing low-income housing in Polk County. FCLF staff members were helpful, easy to contact, quick with information, and willing to listen to my concerns and needs… refreshing to say the least! My customized loan from FCLF affords flexibility and increases my opportunities to invest in underserved neighborhoods.” – Bob Karan, Owner, Homes of Davenport

In east Polk County, Florida, as in so many Florida communities, there is a real need for affordable housing. Polk County has a disproportionately high number of low- and middle-income households in comparison to Florida and the nation. The average household income in Polk County in 2014 was $55,827; compared to $65,254 average for the state of Florida.

Homes of Davenport wants to improve the quality of life in east Polk County neighborhoods, and one way to achieve this goal is by building new, affordable homes available for ownership to low-income families. The HOD organization buys vacant lots scattered throughout the community and, with financing from FCLF, will build single family homes in areas in and around Davenport, Haines City, Lake Alfred, Winter Haven, and Lake Wales. By building simple, affordable homes in the 850 to 1100 square-foot range, Homes of Davenport can keep building costs low, passing savings on to home buyers. The average HOD home selling price will be 70% to 85% of the current price of comparable homes in the area.

Florida Community Loan Fund provided a line of credit for Homes of Davenport, which will help HOD build strong communities with up to 8 new houses. The line of credit financing will allow HOD to purchase lots, build a home, sell the home; and then draw financing to repeat the process. The number of homes could be increased in the future as homes are sold to low-income families and more lots become available.

HOD construction 00813Pictured above: A new, affordable home under construction Homes of Davenport. Right, another new, affordable home will soon be built on this vacant lot.

Bob Karan, Owner of Homes of Davenport, talks about his experience with Florida Community Loan Fund:

I was quite surprised and pleased to come across a lender that shared my goals for providing low income housing in Polk County. FCLF partnered with me to create a customized loan package that affords flexibility in terms and the ability to use funds for rentals, repairs, or resales. This increases my opportunities for investing in underserved neighborhoods.

The FCLF representatives assigned to work with me were all extremely helpful, easy to contact, quick with information, and willing to listen to my concerns and needs. This is unlike most businesses that I deal with every day and refreshing to say the least! Optimism is contagious and they help to get it started for many people. Thank you.

My properties are infill lots in existing low income neighborhoods. As I meet the neighbors that live on the same street, I see a tremendous interest in these new houses being built. Existing residents enjoy seeing improvements and often begin to clean up their yards and paint walls. I am focused on one small section of town with hopes that the impact will multiply. The new houses are a good fit in size and cost, and will change how residents live in their community. I am looking forward to a long relationship with FCLF and am very excited about doing larger projects in the future.

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"Our relationship with FCLF provides the capital to achieve long-lasting impact." – Terri Murray, Exec Dir

Neighborhood Renaissance

"We are delighted to partner with you to serve those most in need in our communities." – Eileen S. Coogan, President & CEO

Allegany Franciscan Ministries

"Without FCLF's support, we would not have been able to deliver the services our area so desperately needs. We look forward to a lifetime relationship." – Tom Griffin, CEO

The Transition House, Inc.

"FCLF is a difference maker! Their team provides solutions to bring about real change in a community." – Tim Marks, President & CEO

Metropolitan Ministries

"FCLF staff shares our vision and commitment to serve needy families and provide a high quality education to all children." – Thomas Cole, Founder

Emma Jewel Charter Academy

"We appreciate how the work of FCLF primarily benefits low- to moderate-income individuals and areas and supports the needs of our community." – Maria J. Thompson, Community Development Manager

Third Federal Savings

"We commend the important work of your organization, are glad to support its efforts." – Beverly Dabney

JPMorgan Chase Foundation

“Thanks to FCLF we’re able to provide brand-new safe, affordable homes for 90 families in a sustainable mixed-use, mixed-income community." – Mitchell Rosenstein, Founder & Principal

Green Mills Group

"It is really working. FCLF is really touching low-income people." – Florida Community Loan Fund Founding Board Member

Sister Mary Heyser, RSHM

“The partnership with FCLF is very exciting for us – an essential component in providing greater access to fresh healthy food in downtown New Port Richey.” – Jeff Wright, Owner

Wright's Natural Market

"Without the FCLF initial loan to purchase land, we might not have been able to move forward with farmworker housing." – Peter Routsis-Arroyo, CEO, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Venice

Casa San Juan Bosco

"FCLF understands and is a part of what we are doing: helping families have the American dream of owning a home." – Isaac Simhon, Executive Director

Housing Programs, Inc.

"Our partnership with FCLF helps the American Dream of homeownership come true." – Michael Roberts, Exec Dir


“FCLF will help us have significant ongoing impact in West Lakes as we help families set roots in this community.” – Camille Reynolds, Executive Director

Hannibal Square CLT

"Thanks to FCLF, we are one step closer to providing a permanent housing solution for veterans and others seeking quality housing at an affordable price." – Carrie Davis, Executive Director

Wealth Watchers

"We appreciate the accomplishments your organization attains." - Robert Sucher, Executive VP

Sabadell United Bank

"Aida Palms will be a lasting asset to the City of Lakeland. This revitalization wouldn't be possible without financing partners like FCLF." – Mitchell Rosenstein, Principal, Green Mills Group

Aida Palms

“We cannot thank FCLF enough for this partnership, creating permanent housing for our neighbors in need, and their commitment to Florida communities.” – Shannon Nazworth, President & CEO

Ability Housing

"FCLF demonstrates a mission-oriented philosophy that is compatible and supportive, broadens our platform and deepens our portfolio of products and services." – Kent Adcock, CEO

Habitat for Humanity of Lake-Sumter

"The Fathers Table Foundation appreciates the services FCLF provides and the impact on the communities you serve. We believe in your organization and your mission." – Dan Gilardi, President

Fathers Table Foundation

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