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Impactful Investment Partners, exterior with groupNORTHWEST REGION
$510,000 FCLF financing

Acquisition & rehab loan
7 units of affordable rental housing

"After working with a prior lender who wasn't able to assist me in bringing this project to completion, I discovered FCLF. Soon this project will be ready with affordable housing for new tenants, and the community is proud to welcome new families. Thank you FCLF, and a special thanks to my Loan Officer Anna for believing in my vision; this would not be possible without your partnership." – Robyn Yant, Owner & Founder

Impactful Investment Partners is a minority- and women-owned business, led by Robyn Yant. The organization’s mission is to provide affordable housing in Tallahassee’s distressed communities, and over the last five years, Ms. Yant has been purchasing, renovating, and renting homes – with roughly a third of the renter families using Housing Choice vouchers.

With financing from Florida Community Loan Fund, Impactful Investment Partners has purchased and will undertake substantial rehabilitation to a 7-unit apartment building in Tallahassee’s Bond neighborhood. The 2-bedroom units will be affordable to low-income families and will be eligible for the Housing Choice Voucher program. Built in the 1960s, the apartment complex has become an eyesore to the community and is in need of repairs. Many surrounding neighbors fondly remember when they or other friends and family lived at this location and look forward to the renovations. The complex is near neighborhood stores, a community health center, bus lines, and elementary and middle schools are less than a quarter of a mile away.

The Bond neighborhood is a historically African-American community, where through the years local families built homes, schools, churches, grocery stores, and other black-owned businesses. Today the area is targeted for redevelopment by the City of Tallahassee, the Bond Neighborhood Community Action Team, the Tallahassee Lenders Consortium, and others. Planned improvements to the area include affordable housing, parks and trails, and an active façade program.

Pictured above, Impactful Investment Partners showing renovations in progress to community residents. Below, interior as renovations are ongoing.

Impactful Investmt interior rehab RY 430w

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