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$300,000 FCLF financing (4 loans)
Rehab, Refinance and Term Loan
Upgrade and expand food access facility

“After 42 years of operating, we could no longer bandage our needs; and we were exhausted by seeking local help. FCLF staff helped us by providing this financing to expand food access in East Tampa.” – Michael Brown, Joyce's Mini Market and Deli

 Most communities across America consider the corner store to be an important retail establishment – representing a quick stop for food, drinks, household supplies, and more. In some communities, the corner store is the only place nearby to buy food, although these small businesses may not offer the full range of foods and beverages necessary for a healthy diet. Encouraging and supporting mini markets/corner stores to stock and sell healthier food and beverage items has become an important goal of many public health stakeholders.

Joyce’s Mini Market and Deli, a multi-generational family-owned business, has been in operation since 1978 in East Tampa, Florida. Started as a sandwich shop, Joyce’s Market then moved into catering, and is now expanding into a fresh foods mini market and deli – offering healthy food choices in the surrounding food desert. The family is committed to its community, demonstrating the values, hard work, and dedication that have maintained loyal customers through the years.

With financing from Florida Community Loan Fund, Joyce’s Mini Market and Deli will upgrade and expand into a multi-functional space for fresh food, community meeting space, and a weekend flea market to support the community. Joyce’s Market will provide both access to healthy food options and economic growth as the cornerstone of a growing corridor in the heart of East Tampa.

The upgrade of Joyce’s Market will also create 11 new jobs in an area where employees can walk or bike to work. Total jobs will include 15 employees: 5 full-time and 10 part-time, plus 3 interns from Career Source of Tampa Bay.

Over the years, there has been a decline in healthy food access in the East Tampa community. The expansion of Joyce’s Mini Market and Deli will have a strong impact, providing fresh foods in an area where the median income is 51% of area median income (AMI) and nearly 40% of households live below the poverty line. Additional funding for the project is provided by East Tampa CRA and the City of Tampa.

FCLF also provided emergency working capital as part of its COVID-19 relief financing and emergency financing for hurricane repairs in 2022.

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