success stories 2016 pic Wendover Housing Partners

Building Blocks for an Aging Population: Wendover Housing Partners. By 2030, the size of Florida’s 65+ population is projected to be more than twice what it was in 2010, or 7.7 million. Wendover Housing Partners is developing new, fully handicap accessible, energy efficient apartments that help alleviate the critical lack of affordable housing among Florida’s aging population. FCLF has provided $2.2 million in financing for 2 Wendover apartment communities, resulting in 160 new rental homes. In addition to on-site amenities, property managers provide social, education, health and recreational services at no charge to the residents.

“With financing from FCLF, we can help our older Floridians to live independently for decades on a low income. Stability in these households brings stability to the entire community.” – Jonathan Wolf, President and Founder, Wendover Housing Partners