Neighborhood Renaissance

neighbren-mathispl-ribbon-300x200SOUTHEAST REGION
$7.3 million FCLF financing
16 LOANS for Acquisition/Rehab and
New Construction
148 affordable single family homes
56 affordable rental apartments
121 temporary jobs


Neighborhood Renaissance and FCLF have a long relationship. We work in communities whose residents struggle with unemployment, crime, lack of opportunity, and finding a home they can afford. FCLF provides us the capital we need to make homes affordable, and keep those homes affordable over time. – Terri Murray, Executive Director 

Neighborhood Renaissance brings new life into Palm Beach County neighborhoods by building new homes as well as renovating foreclosed vacant properties. Over 100 low- and moderate-income families have benefited, and FCLF has partnered with Neighborhood Renaissance since 2003 in community transformation. New homes in the Westgate area meet green building standards, offering energy efficient features and Florida-friendly landscaping. The reduction in the number of vacant properties in the area reduces crime, and also provides temporary jobs during construction.

A recent ribbon cutting at a new affordable home in West Palm Beach marked the completion of the first of 74 foreclosed houses that the organization has purchased and is renovating as affordable homes. In addition to these renovations, Neighborhood Renaissance has also built 13 new energy efficient homes for first-time homebuyers in the Westgate area of Palm Beach County.

Neighborhood Renaissance also owns and manages affordable rental apartments and single family homes in Palm Beach County. Using financing from FCLF's Florida Preservation Fund has allowed the organization to renovate and maintain these properties, and keep rents affordable for low-income households. Mathis Place apartments (pictured) is one such property.

Neighborhood Renaissance has received national recognition for its approach to rebuilding neighborhoods and supporting strong economies and diverse communities in Palm Beach County. The nonprofit organization offers homes for sale and rent to low- and moderate-income households, and provides services for residents such as credit counseling and first-time homebuyer classes.

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FCLF understands what we are doing and is a part of what we are doing: trying to help families have the American dream of owning a home.
- Isaac Simhon, Executive Director, Housing Programs, Inc.