com·mu·ni·ty \kə-ˈmyü-nə-tē\

A group of people who live in the same area (such as a city, town, or neighborhood). – Webster’s Dictionary

At Florida Community Loan Fund, we believe that communities are more than simply people coexisting. A community’s character is also defined by its components – housing, schools, healthcare, grocery stores, and local businesses. Within these built spaces, families find shelter, seniors and veterans secure affordable housing, children and families have access to healthcare, and our neighbors and neighborhoods find opportunity.

During 2016, FCLF financing helped bring opportunities to communities, neighborhoods and residents with capital and expertise to help projects succeed. This year we closed a record setting $16 million in new loans and provided an additional $17.6 million in NMTC financing. We were awarded our largest ever CDFI Fund financial assistance grant of $3.5 million, including $1.5 million through the Healthy Food Financing Initiative – the only HFFI award in Florida. We maintained a strong balance sheet and grew total assets to $59 million. We continued our policy and advocacy initiatives, providing key analysis to legislators on the need for affordable housing and economic development in Florida’s communities.

“A community’s character is defined by its components – its building blocks – such as housing, schools, healthcare, grocery stores, and local businesses.”

FCLF and our borrowers are producing real solutions for the specific needs in Florida communities. We like to think of this as building blocks to help communities. For example:

    • Aging Population. By 2030, the size of Florida’s 65+ population is projected to be more than twice what it was in 2010, or 7.77 million. FCLF financing to Wendover Housing has provided 160 rental homes for low-income seniors through $2.2 million in loans.
    • Veterans. 10.4% of Florida’s adult population are veterans of the U.S. military. Roughly 30.4% of Florida veterans pay too much for their housing (more than 30% of income). FCLF has provided $4.1 million in financing to The Transition House, a major provider of housing and services for veterans in Central Florida.
    • Healthcare. Through 2015, Florida ranks in the bottom half of the nation in overall health: 33rd of 50 states. FCLF partnered with Central Florida Health Care on an $8.5 million healthcare project, which will reach 5,000 residents annually and provide 150 jobs.

“FCLF is steadfast in our belief that challenges in Florida can only be addressed one step – one building block – at a time.”

Our state faces significant challenges. FCLF is steadfast in our belief that these challenges can only be addressed one step – one building block – at a time. We continue to seek solutions, such as longer term financing, for our borrowing partners. We appreciate the support of our investors that makes our work possible. Working together, we will continue to offer opportunity and dignity to communities throughout Florida. Together we will continue to provide the building blocks for Florida’s communities.

ignacio esteban picignacio esteban sign
Ignacio Esteban
Chief Executive Officer
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Ed Timberlake
Board Chair


Pictured above, members of FCLF Board of Directors

Core Purpose FCLF exists to maximize opportunities for people and places outside of the economic mainstream.
Our Vision Opportunity and dignity exist for every person and community in Florida.
Our Mission Our expertise and capital make projects successful and help organizations improve lives and communities.