Producing real solutions in Florida communities...

... one building block at a time.

success stories 2016 pic Wendover Housing Partners

Building Blocks for an Aging Population: Wendover Housing Partners. By 2030, the size of Florida’s 65+ population is projected to be more than twice what it was in 2010, or 7.7 million. Wendover Housing Partners is developing new, fully handicap accessible, energy efficient apartments that help alleviate the critical lack of affordable housing among Florida’s aging population. FCLF has provided $2.2 million in financing for 2 Wendover apartment communities, resulting in 160 new rental homes. In addition to on-site amenities, property managers provide social, education, health and recreational services at no charge to the residents.

“With financing from FCLF, we can help our older Floridians to live independently for decades on a low income. Stability in these households brings stability to the entire community.” – Jonathan Wolf, President and Founder, Wendover Housing Partners

success stories 2016 pic The Transition House

Building Blocks for U.S. Veterans: The Transition House. The Transition House provides housing, substance abuse treatment, and mental health services for Central Florida’s most disenfranchised residents, with a focus on veterans and former inmates. With headquarters in St. Cloud, Transition House started as a 12-bed halfway house; and today provides permanent supportive housing for 1800+ clients a year. Financing from FCLF has been instrumental in many Transition House projects, with $4.1 million in financing through 21 loans. Thanks to Transition House and organizations like it, Florida veteran homelessness has decreased 24% over the past 3 years.

“Our clients have fallen through the cracks. Many walk in our door with nothing more than the shirt on their back. FCLF knows this need and supports our mission 100%.” –Tom Griffin, CEO, The Transition House

success stories 2016 pic Central Florida Health Care

Building Blocks for Low-Income Healthcare: Central Florida Health Care. Through 12 locations, Central Florida Health Care serves 30,000+ patients a year, 98% of whom are low-income. With financing through FCLF and the New Markets Tax Credit program, CFHC was able to rapidly expand and will serve an additional 5,000 each year, by purchasing 2 new and renovating 2 existing locations. CFHC is the only healthcare provider for low-income residents in one of its locations; in another, the only Medicaid eligible provider. Founded to primarily serve Florida’s migrant workers, today CFHC is providng an important building block for any community: healthcare for all residents.

“FCLF and financing through the NMTC program allowed us to build equity, guide our destiny, and most importantly, be there for our patients.” – Ann Claussen, CEO, Central Florida Health Care