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is the average annual income of Dozier residents, while the region’s median income is $53,221
“We couldn’t have pulled this project together without FCLF as partners. I am hoping this is the start of some great work in Jacksonville’s historic Springfield district.” - Kevin Gay, Executive Director, Operation New Hope

For many decades Jacksonville’s historic Springfield neighborhood and its people suffered neglect and disinvestment. Its collection of early 20th century architecture, once a shining example of the promise of suburban stability, had become worn, broken, and abandoned. Much like these forgotten buildings still standing, Jacksonville’s citizens reentering society after incarceration are often disregarded, left without opportunities of renewal.

Operation New Hope, a nonprofit rebuilding lives and restoring communities by reducing recidivism, believes second chances matter, for buildings and people. Focusing its programs on services and care for returning citizens, ONH also works to provide affordable housing options for these individuals, as many are extremely low income, lack job skills, and face challenges when seeking employment.

For nearly 20 years, ONH has built and rehabilitated over 90 safe and affordable homes, focusing its efforts in Springfield and East Jacksonville neighborhoods. Named for the city’s first female architect, ONH’s Dozier Apartments were designed in collaboration with the Springfield Preservation and Revitalization Council. The project is the result of FCLF’s commitment to be a reliable and trusted partner for organizations like ONH, combining our financing with public and private sources of capital. For 2 ½ years, FCLF kept our pledge and reserved our commitment to ONH as it secured the additional financing needed to complete Dozier, from NSP-3, HOME funding through the City of Jacksonville, and a grant from Wells Fargo. The 14 apartments will be new homes for families reaching toward stability and self-sufficiency, with rent based on household income levels.

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  • Dozier Apartments: $500,000 FCLF financing, 14 affordable apartments, $3 million total project costs
  • Public-private partnership, 2½ years from loan closing to final inspection
  • Since 1998, Operation New Hope has built 90 affordable homes, and provided services to 4,200 ex-offenders and 7,200 children
Core Purpose FCLF exists to maximize opportunities for people and places outside of the economic mainstream.
Our Vision Opportunity and dignity exist for every person and community in Florida.
Our Mission Our expertise and capital make projects successful and help organizations improve lives and communities.